Monday, December 27, 2010

Guild Level 7! [New Feature: Items take 10% less durability loss when you die.]

Wewt!  Great work to everyone!  Keep it up.  Please try and do at least your daily cooking/fishing dailys.  They take no more than 10mins and you get a quick 20g.  (you can do these @ any level and they help level the guild - and your fishing and cooking!)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Oo guild background image

Upon request  for Ahungrybear... :) @1920x1280 (.png)

New image...

So I was playing around with some interesting new "eyes" and thought I'd share with everyone. It's 1680x1050 which is kinda the standard for most screens. Hope you like!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Realm First?!? Multiboxing (H)BRC Tank/Heals!!!

The only person on the server who I think has the skill to pull this off, would be Yorn of and he's already told me he isn't boxing anything yet as they are working on raiding. Hence, I'm going to call this a realm first. There is Protectorz on alliance side, but I haven't talked to him in a while. If anyone else knows of anyone else multiboxing in Cata Heroics, let me know. But I'm going to call this a Realm first achieve for now.

Wewt! Team: Celestial, Famon, Dystran and The Fly's. :)

And the beat goes on and on... Guild Level 6! the break o' Dawn! Grats to everyone in the guild for the hard work on pushing us ever forward. Great work mates.


Server Down? Here's a bit of fun!

So these guys do some really nice Heroic Dungeon guides, but they've started playing minecraft. I haven't played the game yet myself (nor do I plan to) but they are absolutely hilarious.

Hope you enjoy it! <click>

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Guild Level 5! [New Feature: 5% Gold to Guild Bank]

This is a really nice new feature which may ultimately allow us to open up repairs to everyone. As long as everyone is pitching in and helping, I don't see why we can't open that up in the near future.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Guild Level 4! [New Feature: 5% increase to Rep gains]

In addition to our already 10% mount speed increase and 5% xp increase, we've now unlocked the ability to have a 5% increase in rep gains when you kill monsters etc... Grats to everyone on the progression!

(H)VP - First boss down! -- Multiboxing

Ok, I'm sure this may seem trivial to most, but it's the first boss we were able to get down successfully. I'd like to thank Jrok for the help as he helped bring it to fruition. :)

Next stop, raiding... (lol, ok maybe not)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Guild Level 3! [10% mount speed / 5% XP Bonus]

This morning we hit Guild Level3! We are moving along in leveling the guild! The new ability we've gained is 10% mount speed increase! Enjoy and great work everyone.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Guild Level 2! [5% increase in XP gains!]

We reached guild level 2 this morning and as such have acquired the ability to have our members gain 5% increase in XP gain! Next up: Mount Up! (10% mount speed increase). Please make sure you do things with guildies so you can help us level the guild. Have fun all!

And the winner is... Jrok! Gratz on Level 85!

Congrats goes out to Jrok for hitting level 85. He is the first in the guild to hit the level cap! We are quite proud of him. :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Set your clock for 12am PST for Cata launch!

Yes, I know I'm retarded, but I'm going to do just that. If you want to do the same here is a digital clock that is web based to help you.

Cheers and happy leveling!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Great Leap Forward -> Cataclysm

Where are we as a guild going in the future? Well, I hope for great things. I hope for achievements as a guild on the Raid, PvP and personal front. I hope we can start recruiting more players. As of now we have over 160 toons (30 unique accounts) and are adding more on a daily basis. I hope as we grow, we can keep the friendliness. We've got a lot of really great people in the guild, and I don't want to see the quality drop as the quantity increases.

We can't, however, build a guild on hope. We need to all do our part with recruiting. Talk to people you run dungeons with, but don't actively recruit someone who is already in a guild. That's poaching and a bad idea. Make a macro and recruit in trade or general, but no more than once every 30mins or so, we don't want to be seen as spammers. Just point them here to our guild website: and have them read the apply page.

Finally, I hope this is a place you want to be. :) *hugs*

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oo is Looking for a PvP Leader

We want to have someone who will be dedicated to setting up and running BG's, World PvP events, and other great fun. You need to be a motivated recruiter, experienced in PvP and the ability to herd cats helps. We don't want an asshole obviously, but you do need to be firm but fair and willing to keep people in line.

There will be a trial period to make sure things work out. You will also need to adhere to the guild guidelines just like everyone else. Interested? Click Here to Apply

Sunday, November 28, 2010

How NOT to suck in Cataclysm!

Saw this on MMO Champion and figured it was worth a repost here. Please read and adhere to these great tidbits of info!

use to pass on to others in guild - etc.... easy to type out

Mounting from Moonkin Form

Whew.... finally. This bug was pissing me off.

Click here for the work-around!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rep / JP farming

Tonight I plan on doing some rep / jp farming. If anyone is interested post up a reply. I would like for us to start working on cc. Sure, these instances are super easy, but we need the practice so when we hit Cata dungeons we will be that much better.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Tip (PvP): Don't be a baddie, say no to Road Fighting!

You know you have been guilty... admit it. You know you've seen that lone guy on the road and said I can take him. This is a bad idea. Go fight on the flags. You will actually gain more honor this way as well as helping your other team mates.

To recap: Road Fighting, ie. Anywhere other than the flag/tower = fail.

Getting ready for the Cataclysm

As thanksgiving approaches here in the US, everyone will be away with family at least for some time. So we probably won't raid next week. The week following will be the run up to Cataclysm!

What sorts of things are you guys doing? I personally will make sure my JP is maxxed @ 4,000 and that I have a full set of pvp gear for questing.

For Cata, I am going to be leveling the Fly's, of course, and want to try and be the first 2x Druids to 85. From there I'm going to work on (H)'s and try and gear up for raids as quickly as possible.

Those willing and wanting to push hard, we can try and get to raiding ASAP. Those who want to chill, by all means, do so! Let's get ready for some fun!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Raid times...

I'd like to try and get a sense of what raid times work for everyone. For me personally it's best if we start raids @ 6pm server (9pm EST). This way I'll have 3hrs and we can get something done. My schedule is pretty tight. I don't mind raiding @ 7:30pm server, but that only gives me 1.5hr and we'll have to be quick, tight, and efficient at what we do to get anywhere.

I realize the XPac is coming out soon, and we'll all be focused on leveling again, but until then...

What times are best for you?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tip: Situational Awareness - What's around you

One of the biggest problems I see is people who don't typically keep a watch on things that are going on around them. One reason is that they are probably zoomed in too close in an almost First Person mode. This may be great for FPS games, but not for an MMO.

In order to get a better perspective, try the following: Escape -> Interface -> Camera -> Max Camera Distance [SET TO FAR!]

There is yet another trick you can do to help ensure you have an even better birds eye view: /console cameraDistanceMax 50

This should help you stay aware of your surroundings. You can zoom in and out (stay all the way out IMHO 99% of the time) with your mouse wheel. It will, of course, revert you back to a more close in shot when you are in tight quarters and there's no way around that.

Tip: DPS, Hurry up and wait!

This one should be simple and the easiest thing to follow through on though so many DPS completely and utterly fail @ this concept. Most DPS feel they need to go FULL BORE all out immediately after a tank has pulled. This is an easy way to wipe a group or a raid.

Let your tank build threat on the initial set of mobs. A good group will do the following: Let the tank build threat and wait 5-7seconds while the tank establishes aggro. Then, a GOOD Tank, when they mobs are about 1/2 way dead will immediately move on to the next set of mobs allowing you to chain pull. While your group is finishing your first set, you are establishing threat on the next set of mobs. The only reason you should stop or slow down is if your healer is low on mana.

DPS can always drink while tank is establishing threat.

Hope this helps! MOo!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tip: Line of Sight pulls

Line of what you say? Line of Sight. aka: LoS/LOS

This type of pull is typically used whenever you are worried about working within close proximity to any group or sets of groups of mobs. Or, any time when you are worried there may be chain fears. In my experience as a tank, it is typically better to be cautious rather than the proverbial bull in a china shop. LoS pulls also help with those pesky casters who tend to stay put.

How do you execute said LoS pull? Well, as a tank, you typically will have some method to aggro the mobs from a distance. Since I am a bear, I'll mention [Faerie Fire] as it is what I use. As a Warrior/Pally/DK, you too should have some means to pull from a distance.

The Pull: Target your mob you want... ranged pull him, and then go AROUND a corner somewhere and WAIT. Do not poke your head out, as if you do the casters in the group will stop and try to attack you. You should have your DPS(and healers) hold off until all the desired mobs are in place. NOTE: While your mobs are INCOMING this could be a great way for your DPS to CC (Crowd control - ie. sheep, hex, shackle etc...).

Once they are around the corner and in a bunch, you can safely proceed to wtfpwn them.

If you want to break CC, you can have a ranged DPS pull it and come around the corner and stand on you, OR you can go ranged the controlled mob and pull him back to you.

As Cataclysm approaches, you will need to know and understand these basic skills. Know your class and how to control mobs. Know to let your tank build threat etc...

Hope this helps!

Tip: Target of Target

I'm going to try and post a few tips here from time to time, hopefully they will prove helpful to someone.

Why this matters? Target of Target shows you what the mob you have targeted is attacking. This is important mostly if you are a dps in a dungeon or raid.

How do you enable it? do the following:

Escape -> Interface -> Combat! -> [x] Target of Target (Always)

I also recommend turning on Cast Bars [x] On Targets, [x] On Nameplates as well while you are in this same Combat! screen area.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

World Explorer on Fly1!

What a fun achieve. It took quite a while, but it was a lot of fun. If you have time, try and snag it before they take the ability to gain it away! See screenshot. :)

Update: Wewt... just got it on Fly2 as well. :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

For the Horde! - New Guild "Rule"

Hey guys, I'm adding a new rule in on the apply page which basically states: If you aren't in a BG or Raid or Dungeon and are hanging out in Dalaran, Undercity, etc... And someone in guild states he/she is getting camped by an alliance player, it is our duty to come and try and help as best as we can.

I know it may take some time. I know the person might not be there when you get there, and I know you may be on a lowbie alt or something. But we need to stick up for each other. Otherwise, we lose the Honor and meaning behind being Horde.

For the Horde!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Flies - Ubuntu Desktop

I've recently updated my Ubuntu theme to be Shiki-Dark. I'm digging it! :) I also am using this wallpaper too.

Friday, November 5, 2010

started up windows today, this is the first thing that came up and i thought it was pretty funny.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Eyefinity setup.

Well i finally got in my Active adaptor.... now i'm getting dizzy cause my screen is soooooo wide lol

Child's Play

So theres something i want to talk about here. It is not WoW related (for the most part) but it is important to me and if i can get the message out anyway i can, thats good enough for me.

It is getting very close to November.

As some of you may know, there is a charity called Childs Play, founded by authors Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins of the popular web-comic Penny Arcade.
The charity drives each year to donate money, toys, movies, video games, and anything a kid may enjoy to Hospitals all around the world so the kids there can have something to do when their down in the dumps and stuck at a hospital for weeks on end. A spare movie or even an Xbox really helps out. (from personal experience, i can tell you i know this EXACT feeling.) I have been very ill with an Auto-immune Disorder since i was in the early 6th grade and have spent countless weeks in hospitals in agonizing pain and anxiousness. With nothing to do there, it was always the worst experience ive been through. But, when i got to play the video games set up there on the wheel-around cart, or got to watch Star Wars using one of the VCRs in the hospital, it got to be not as bad, and i had something to kill the time. Child's Play has collected and sent over $6 Million dollars worth of video games, systems, movies, and toys to countless hospitals around the world to aid in this effort. If you have time, please check it out at You can donate any amount of money possible, or even find a specific hospital on the map and donate a toy to the hospital through through the Charity's website.
again, the site can be found at
Thank you for reading this post,

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Raid Sign-up

Hey guys, If you want to start doing some raids, please log in and post a comment here letting me know you are interested. The raiding times that make sense to most people seem to be:

6pm-9pm Server Wed-Fri

I would like to get started by trying ICC10 this week. Let's just move through the first few bosses to see how far we can get.

Please state your GS and Spec(s) so we can get an idea of what we have.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Guild run of Weekly (Naxx10 - Patch), VoA Frost and OS10!

Wow... we had an awesome time tonight. I wanted to thank everyone for coming and making it truly a good evening. Here are the screenshots. Moo!

Tired of Wow Freezing?

This was posted elsewhere but i thought i'd share it.

Turn Off Tooltips
/script GameTooltip.Temphide = function() GameTooltip:Hide() end; GameTooltip:SetScript("OnShow", GameTooltip.Temphide);

Turn On Tooltips
/script GameTooltip:SetScript("OnShow", GameTooltip.Show);

This is sometimes causing people to freeze when in Battlegrounds, or Instances. Try it if you are having problems.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Top 10 Things that I Love About Multiboxing

10. (PVE) Never having to wait in a Dungeon Finder que

9. (PVE & PVP) Never having to wait on afk players

8. (PVE) Never having to groan at the mere thought of the long, lonely grind to level a new character

7. (PVE) Never having to worry that you have been grouped with a tard-tank or fail-healer

6. (PVE) Never having to fear that the tank or healer will rage-quit just before the final boss who drops your only upgrade

5. (PVE) Never having to worry that the Pally tank will role on your cloth upgrade because he 'needs it' for his 'healing set'.

4. (PVP) Watching the entire AV alliance zerg whipe on Galv.

3. (PVP) Repeatedly killing a LV 80 Crossroads-camper with a set of LV 60 toons.

2. (PVP) Getting nerd-rage PMs from a twink that you just slaughtered, repeatedly, in BGs.

1. (PVP) Knowing that at least 4 of the toons on your team in every BG are not being controlled by total idiots.

What's your top ten?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Interesting Song .mp3

When I first started playing WoW, I saw this one video of a raid, and this song was playing. I stripped out the MP3 and would play it in the background while playing WoW. To me, it's very addictive to listen to.

Hope you enjoy it! If you know the artist, let me know!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just Arathi fun

Just another day in Arathi.

Chat Box Added!

I was cruising around trying to find a good way for us to keep in touch while the patch is getting set up and found this! If you can, create a quick (takes 2 seconds -- you just put in a name) guest account and start chatting!

It's on the side left now, but I may reposition it later.


New Patch today! Lots of repsecs to do :(

Oo Wallpaper

Yes, I know I screwed up the links and will fix them. I was playing around with the site design. Until then, here is an interesting background for your desktop. :) Happy Patch Day!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Build the Guild!

I'd like for us to try and start pushing for recruitment. We've got a lot of really great people in this guild and I want to see us able to offer things to keep it thriving.

Some things I'd like to see are:
» Weekly For the Horde Guild raids
» Guild Gank Fests (Pwn the Zone!)
» Multiboxing recruitment and training
» Raiding

My hope is that as we build the guild, we can start having some of the above as something to offer our members.

I'm willing to search for a Raid Leader who can organize such things or if we have someone in guild willing to do it let me know. (Fly)

I am most excited about the possibility of doing massive World PvP raids with the guild. If we can bring all of our teams and members for coordinated strikes, it will surely cause quite a stir. Oo

One thing to keep in mind when you are looking for new players though, is to take some time, talk to them and assess their temperament. You should be responsible for who you invite. Make damned sure they aren't a trade spamming troll or someone who otherwise will behave badly.

Make sure they check out our Apply page.

Go help Build the Guild!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Logo Updated - Oo

The old "eyes" that we had were just bugging the shizzle out of me. So I've finally put some more time into it and I think I've got something I like!

If you would like to get the raw .svg to play with, simply Click Here!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Got stuck under the elevator in this arena, resulting in a big fat loss.
Just some stuff

Friday, September 10, 2010

Server First? Fly boxes ICC10 6/12!!!

Given the fact that I've not really had anyone on Horde nor Alliance side even mention that anyone was doing what I've been trying, which is Tank/Heal to Lich King, I'm 99.999% sure I'm the first guy on Maiev to have gotten 6/12 so far boxing.

Of course as everyone knows, from here out is where it really gets hard. I will have to study the fights and figure out a way to be able to box to 12/12 and perhaps Kingslayer!

--if you know anyone on Maiev who IS boxing ICC10, tank/heals let me know. (Fly / Horde / Maiev)

PS. Many thanks to the guild: <Summoning Stone Wiped Us> for allowing me to try and believing in me when so many have said I would fail.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Yet another screenshot

Ok, bored... thought I'd toss up another screenshot. :)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Druids, The Best All Around Boxing Team

I get asked what group composition I like and my reasons behind what I recommend and I thought I would put it all here to save me some typing.


Druids in my opinion are THE best all around team for anyone wanting to get into Multiboxing. Anything from 2x-5x. Druids are the only class that you can do:
  1. Tank and Heals
  2. Multiple Ranged DPS
These two abilities are alone enough to make the class the perfect choice for anyone getting started multiboxing.

Other benefits:
  • Stealth
  • Battle Rez
  • Gift of the Wild
  • Ravenlord Runs (for yourself!)
  • Cows. Moo.
I'll edit this post as I think of other reasons for rolling a druid to start with.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Tip: Ghetto Win7 Sloppy Focus

If you want to try and get sloppy focus like me on your win7 box, you can try and do this:

» X-Mouse on Windows 7 (Option #3)

PLEASE NOTE: You should probably set the 150 to be 0 while boxing... otherwise the lag will still be too much. But your mileage may vary.

One of the great benefits of this form of boxing is that you won't ever have to worry about software lag or crashing of said software. The downside is, you have to learn how to work within the GCD. (Global Cool Down)

I find it a great for 2boxing Tank and Heals, and it's "OK" for doing 2x DPS. But if you want to do 3x or more you will want to use software like isBoxer, Keyclone, etc...

Friday, August 27, 2010

Fly's Screenshot

Ok this is for DJ who wanted to see my setup. The only thing diff on Fly1 is that I don't run my healing addon. VuhDo like I do on Fly2.

OS10 down. Tee Hee

We had some fun tonight doing OS10 with 7x guildies (Hann, Scout and myself) and 3x pugs. Nice quick and easy run. Perhaps some Naxx10 next!

Screenshot of Hann and Fly's teams.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lady Deathwhisper Down! - First Boss in ICC10

So, This will be the first boss I'll claim to have boxed. On Marrowgar, my tree died 2s into the fight even though we didn't wipe, so I can't count that one. :) But we did LD with 0 wipes. Feeling good! Moar soon!

Update: We also got Gunship down too. I know this should be an easy one, but there were a few people who it was their first time. I ended up jumping back and forth while avoiding aoe dmg on my tree! lots of moving! but we got it.

Monday, August 23, 2010

First attempt @ ICC10 boss on Flies!

Tonight, Edibleundies and his ragtag group were the first guild to allow me to try and box ICC10 for more than one attempt. We got Saurfang down to like 2% and well our DPS wasn't quite there, Boss kept hitting enrage. On a good note, I did pretty damned decently as Tank/Heals!

Can't wait to try again Wed perhaps.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pawsy and Flies

A fun shot taken just after Wintergrasp a bit ago. :)

Grats Pawsy on 5x 80 Druids!

Pawsy, aka Fox the Rogue™ just hit 80 on his 5x team of druids! His plans are for pvp, but maybe I can convince him to start building a Bear/3xBoom/Tree team soon!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

24h Maint of Maiev.

I'm going to be on my alliance server if you guys need me. Doomhammer and Bad of . :) I have 2x 80 ally druids there.


Monday, August 16, 2010

<Oo> is LFM

Howdy! If you found this page you are either interested in Multiboxing or looking for a good guild. That's us! @<Oo>, We have a lot of really nice people. We are always looking for more nice people. :) If you are interested...

Please Click here to apply!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Octopus Multiboxing Software : Getting Started

A few days ago Zohzoh joined our ranks in looking to experience Multi-boxing, bringing with the question "Which software (if any) should i use?"
Alot of people like Pwnboxer and the widely known Keyclone that you can purchase for $35 or $20, respectively; but i prefer to use Octopus ( you can download this for free off the mirror site )

The downside of this being free software is that it is not as simple to set up. Lucky for us we have a wonderful tutorial provided by the good people at (found here at You want to be looking at and following the steps under "General Broadcast Configuration" if you are only using one computer, but multiple WoW Windows/Clients you can STOP AT STEP 20!

While using Octopus, or typically any boxing software, a rule of thumb is to run WoW in Windowed Mode, aka the same thing that little button on the top right hand corner of your internet browser window between the X and minimize button. To do this in WoW, press ESC --> Video --> Resolution (this is found at the left hand side of the menu) then check "Windowed Mode" on all WoW Clients that you have open.

Now, assuming you have gone through the tutorial at the link above and have set your screens to Windowed Mode, lets look at macros. The only real 3 that you will need to start out are
1: "/Focus *your main character name here*
2: "/Follow Focus"
and this one is optional, 3: "/Assist Focus" you may also use the Tab key to achieve this same goal, though its unreliable which enemy you will target while using Tab.

Make absolutely sure that these are KEYBOUND to the same spot on all clone toons you are using to Multi-Box, so that when you press them you broadcast it to all characters and they should follow, assist, and focus your main. Now all you need to do is decide your rotation of your characters and their abilities and you are up and running! You can whisper me in-game, and ask any questions you have in Guild Chat or Whispers at any time and ill be glad to help you out:)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Guildies let me know if you want post access

Please msg me in Game if you want to have post access. You can post screenshots, boxing tips, or whatever. Would be nice having others help keep stuff up here.

Working on LW for Fly2

Well, before I had Herbing and I rarely went out looking for herbs. I want LW for when Cata comes around. I'm sure Meg will give me a hard time for doing this, but hey, I'm bored and maybe he can sell the crap I make leveling.

WoW LW Guide

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Open Online! <Oo> is ready to rock.

So Fox and I have been trying to find a guild name that didn't suck. We looked and looked. I think, no, I hope and pray this is the one. I think it is. I like it. :)