If you are interested in raiding, please contact one of the following Raid Leaders / Officers for more information in game:   Ahungrybear, Drmort, Delcor/Unsaid, Coldcutcombo or Fly.

Raid Groups:

Lightnight Tigers [Raid Team 1]
  • Ahungrybear (Raid Leader)
  • Drmort
  • Grymlic
  • Delcor (Asst. Raid Leader)
  • Scout
  • Lymbic
  • Stabkips
[Raid Team 2] To Be Announced

  • Coldcutcombo (Raid Leader)

We are still building a team for our "Group 2" raid team. If interested, talk to Coldcutcombo.  We probably have enough for a 3rd 10man raid, so again you are interested in raiding, let us know!